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About Us
Since 1998, Raya Trade has been a well-established corporate. Now, it operates several subsidiaries, including Raya Electronics, Rata Distribution, Raya Smart Care, Raya Logistics and Raya Trade – Nigeria.
Raya Trade works as a key player in distribution, retail, maintenance and ecommerce of mobiles, consumer electronics and home appliances in Egypt and Nigeria. The company’s range of consumer electronics spans mobile phones and accessories, laptops, cameras, flat panel TVs and white goods.
Raya Trade sells directly to the end consumer through its retail outlets and Rayashop.com. It also distributes through an extensive network of dealers. In addition, Raya offers maintenance services for mobile phones and IT products, TVs and home appliances among other products. We were the first to introduce NOKIA mobile phones to the Egyptian market through an unforgettable marketing campaign, positioning Raya as the authorized distributor and retailer and service provider for NOKIA phones and after-sales support with the memorable mark of "Raya Warranty" as a symbol of trusted quality and guaranteed after sales support.
In 2020, Raya Trade has made great strides towards becoming the largest distributor of electronics in Egypt by acquiring 100% of the shares of i2 stores, the leading distributor of mobile technology and wireless services in Egypt.