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About Raya Retail
Raya Retail targets customers looking for a premium shopping experience through 20 Raya Retail Stores including malls, 4 Raya Megastores, 15 Samsung Flagship Stores, 11 Etisalat stores and 39 mini Etisalat franchise. Raya Retail’s range of consumer electronics spans mobile phones and accessories, laptops, cameras, printers, flat panel TVs and white goods. Raya Retail’s range of home and kitchen appliances spans refrigerators, cookers, microwaves, blenders, ACs, heaters, vacuum cleaners, and washing machines. Raya Retail revamped its online shopping portal Rayashop.com which offers a 24/7 availability and a wider variety of product choices, including electrical appliances and beauty products with free delivery to all governorates. The retail operations are fully automated through Microsoft Retail Management System and Oracle Financials to ensure controls, stock monitoring and product availability.